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3D Glasses Avatar
3D glasses

It's amazing how many people are out watching movies on Christmas Day! Several of the movies were sold out at the 16-plex we went to. We paid $11 each for a matinee showing of Avatar, which is a bit steep, but 3D movie locations are limited and there is the cost of the glasses.

This movie was directed by James Cameron, costing approximately $500 million to make and advertise. It has made over $760 million globally in 3 weeks!

Avatar needs to be viewed in 3D; otherwise, I don't feel it is worth going to. The plot was predictable, but not awful. The computer rendered Na'vi were not distracting and the treehugger-peacenik message wasn't out of line as early reviewers mentioned. The 3D effects and music were beautiful and not overdone. My favorite 3D effect was the flying embers.

This feeling of awe was reminiscent of my viewing of Captain EO, a Michael Jackson 3D movie that played at Disneyland, over 15 years ago. Like the others in the auditorium, we extended our arms to reach out and grab the flying objects.

The 3D glasses were unlike the old blue-red tinted film lenses with card stock rims. The new glasses are durable and looked like sunglasses with tinted lenses and thick plastic black rims. Wearing the glasses on top of regular glasses was a bit distracting. Every 15 minutes, I had to push the 3D glasses down since they would float up.

While the movie was hyped up and mostly gimmick, I'm glad I saw it. I look forward to my next 3D experience. I wonder what the next Avatar movie will be about without the same storyline being rehashed. How long will it take for 3D to become the default, and when will our movie experience be 360°, like you're in a snowglobe?

- Cassaendra

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