Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Ah, no. We didn't strap reindeer antlers to our dog, Akemi.

52-04 Hide and No Seek
Week 04/52

We visited the zoo recently and no one could coax this reindeer to come out from behind the tree. What does one really say? Here, reindeer, reindeer, reindeer? And why would it want to come out to a bunch of screaming kids?

I don't recall ever seeing velvety antlers. From where we were standing, they appeared soft like a puppy -- it probably isn't and likely doesn't smell as adorable). The velvet is scrubbed off once the antlers are fully grown and appears as we frequently see them drawn - bony.

- Cassaendra

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Mrs. L 29 August, 2012 17:22  

So I guess I shouldn't tell you I'd probably be the one saying "here reindeer, reindeer, reindeer"?

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