Saturday, August 4, 2012


There really is a live critter in this photo, not an imagined one formed by negative space. A male (blacker head than female) robin sits on a wire with straw for his nest.

52-03 Birds Nest
Week 03/52

Without much to update beyond this picture (Week 03/52) taken 2 weeks ago, first with the wonky weather and not wishing to chance carrying my camera and encountering sporadic deluges of rain to which we've been prone, then getting out of the habit of carrying a camera, I felt much regret this morning when I encountered my very first damselfly.

With four horizontal opaque black wings and an iridescent green-yellow line along its black body, I initially thought I encountered a dragonfly. When I arrived home, I plugged my description online and found out the insect was a damselfly, something I had never heard of.

- Cassaendra

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