Sunday, July 15, 2012

Taste of Tremont 2012

The Taste of Tremont took place on a rather warm day that could have been worse. The midday rainstorm that flooded the area was fun.

SouthSide Home Wrecker
SouthSide's Home Wrecker

We walked the entire length, extended from last year, of the festival first to get an idea of what we were going to spend our $20 on, if anything. The extension was made up mostly of food trucks.

I've wanted to try Michael Symon's famous macaroni and cheese at Lolita's stand ($5). It was a lot like alfredo. We washed down our food with Lolita's mint lemonade ($2). 

Lolita Mac Cheese
Lolita's mac and cheese

Barrio, a taqueria that opened recently, was one of the busiest stands serving three types of tacos for $4 each or three for $10.

From left to right:

House made chorizo -- Thai basil summer slaw, Asian barbecue sauce, flour tortilla

Barrio black beans -- Thai basil summer slaw, Avocado goat cheese spread, flour tortilla
Cilantro lime grilled chicken -- Thai basil summer slaw, queso fresco, spicy mayo, flour tortilla

Barrio Tacos
Barrio's taco trio

Since the Thai basil summer slaw was mixed with raw red onions and the chicken had a cilantro sauce, I took a small bite of black beans and chorizo.  I am typically underwhelmed by black beans, but these were tasty (perhaps cooked in broth and garlic or onions) but a bit salty. It left an impression on Bug to encourage him to want to go to Barrio when, previously, he was disinterested at least for another few months.

- Cassaendra

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