Sunday, July 1, 2012

Last Copper

Breakfast was made up partly of leftovers from dinner last night; namely, the last of the Copper River salmon. The majority of the ingredients were from our Fresh Fork Market bag -- zucchini, beet greens, and tomatoes from last week; lettuce, radishes, and eggs from this week.

The pan-fried salmon was warmed on the stove with a teaspoon of shoyu and black pepper, then sprinkled with shichimi togarashi. The fried egg was dusted with shiso furikake for a bit of salted tartness. Crisp lettuce, peppery radish slices, sweet tomatoes, and seaweed salad satisfied my need for something cold and crisp. The sizzling zucchini and red peppers were sweet and crisp. Steamed beet greens (originally with sliced beets) were too beautiful a shade of maroon to not include. Its addition was also an easy way to serve 5 items instead of 4 (bad luck - some habits are hard to break).

365-363 Salmon Beets Seaweed Breakfast
Day 363/365

After breakfast, I had a taste for ayran, a savory Turkish yogurt drink. In our bag this week, we also received a quart of Velvet-View yogurt. With a much thinner consistency than most factory yogurts, this is best poured rather than spooned into a receptacle. Also, it is not as sour. Hooray!

I didn't feel like taking out our 64 oz carafe blender to make 1 cup of ayran, sacrificing the froth. Instead, I mixed a pinch of salt into my cup of yogurt. Additional water was unnecessary since the yogurt was already velvety. A wonderful cap to breakfast.

- Cassaendra

Fresh Fork Market

3 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 03 July, 2012 19:22  

Wait. What. Four items on a plate is bad???

Cassaendra 03 July, 2012 21:04  

Hi Mrs. L,

In Japanese and other Asian customs it is because the number four is pronounced "shi," a homonym for the word, death.

I'm not superstitious, but it's a habit that's grown on me. Aesthetically, I also prefer to use odd numbers... :)

Mrs. L 13 July, 2012 13:53  

Hmm....of course now I'm not going to be able to serve four items on a plate!

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