Saturday, July 7, 2012


Bug and I were startled to see a lithe black and white cat racing across the street toward Akemi as we crossed the street this morning. We'll assume the friendly feline is a she and name her Curiosity.

When Curiosity reached within two feet of us, she halted as if rebuffed by a reality check bubble. She took a cautious perimeter around us as we walked over to a bench, then hid in the bush next to us. She appeared to be contemplating her next step, or wanted some privacy to poop.

52-01 Wandering Cat Bush
Week 01a/52 - I am not here

Akemi had been on her hind legs leaning along the bench back anxiously watching her new friend who happens to look like our cat, Yoru. A few minutes later, the curious kitty rustled out of her hidey spot and crept forward along the cement planter border. Akemi strained at her leash to nose Curiosity from the side of the bench. That dog is fearless...or naive.

52-01 Stray Cat and Miss Akemi
Week 01b/52 - Aww...

Satisfied with meeting Akemi, our new friend quietly sat with us suffering under the sweltering morning shade. At 06:30, it was over 80°F!

52-01 Cat Sits Towards
Week 01c/52

The cat slunk around from behind and sat before us. She had a dusty head and I didn't know how she would react to me touching her, so I resisted the urge to scritch behind her ear. This went on for several minutes, until I leaned forward and apologized, "Sorry, we don't have any food."

Seconds later, she sauntered off toward the doorway behind us, where she sat watching cars go by for several minutes, then disappeared into the yard next door. Did she really understand what I said?

52-01 Stray Cat Stairs
Week 01d/52

Curiosity didn't kill or scratch the cat-dog (Akemi) today.

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 13 July, 2012 14:00  

We always are amazed when we walk though our neighborhood of the different dogs and cats we encounter...I've lived there 7 years and still run into pets I never knew existed. Curiosity is a beautiful looking cat.

Cassaendra 14 July, 2012 18:12  

Hi Mrs. L,

I run into new critters almost daily. What is sad is with as many pets and their owners as I see out walking during spring through fall, I see less than 10% of the same people and pets during the winter.

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