Monday, May 11, 2009

Full Metal Akemi

We watched Full Metal Jacket for the first and last time with Akemi on Saturday night.

From the very beginning head shaving scene through the conclusive Mickey Mouse song, Akemi sat at attention or stood on all fours tensely watching the movie. Every time the Gunnery Sergeant Lee Ermey barked, she muffle-barked, which was a lot of boof-ing during the first half of the movie.

When Ermey's character died, Bug turned to Akemi and said, "There, he's dead now."

We're still not sure why she reacted so profoundly to this movie. She has watched some television shows for a couple minutes at a time, but nowhere near as avidly and for nearly 2 hours. Is it Ermey? Or is it Kubrick?

- Cassaendra

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