Friday, March 6, 2009


The past 2 months, when I've taken my dog out for a walk, I would run into one, MAYBE two, other people walking their dogs. Since the warm front yesterday, I've seen 4 people walking 3 dogs at a time, 3 people walking 2 dogs at a time, and 5-6 people each walking 1 dog in a span of 45 minutes. Where did all these dogs come from?

One elderly woman was having a hard time controlling her three barking half-pint bloodhounds -- well, that's what they looked like. She was hunched with one dog spilling from her arms and the other two straining at their leashes hopping and barking in tandem.

I'm afraid to see what the poop piles look like when I take Akemi out tonight.

- Cassaendra

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