Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nobody Better Lay a Finger

Because we were too late on Tuesday for the weekly special at A Cookie and a Cupcake, we stopped in today. Perhaps walking in one hour before closing on the first day of their weekly special is a bit wishful thinking.

This months weekly cupcakes are:
March 3rd - 8th: brown sugar cake?
March 10th - 15th: chocolate stout
March 17th - 22nd: port cherry vanilla
March 23rd - 29th: vanilla cake with orange custard and butterscotch frosting

Their regular vanilla cake is with vanilla buttercream.

Date cupcake and Butterfinger cheesecake

I got the last date cupcake, the special today? this week? It looks a bit daunting, but the steam pudding made with dates was quite amazing. I'm not sure why I was so surprised. I've never had steam pudding before. The spicy, not so sweetness, molasses, and almost chewy texture were quite enjoyable.

The Butterfinger cheesecake was good, but I think I'll order the plain next time. While I like Butterfingers, there's something about the nutty orange stuff that, for me, clashed with the normal sourness of cheesecake. It was almost as if the flavors were so close, but not close enough, so it was slightly off-key. My tongue is weird, I realize that.

The other personal cheesecakes available are Oreo, apple caramel, and New York style. This is the first month cheesecakes have been offered, so they are being made in small batches.

Orange and pistachio macaroon

The pistachio cream and puffs of orange bliss are a great combination. The pastry is moist and airy with an interesting puffy chew. There are three to a package. Between Bug and I, we usually inhale all of them before we've gotten out of the shadow of the storefront.

I would love to dive into a pool of these. This would beat out my other dream of being in a pen with 50 really young, fluffy little chicks (the kind that go peep), having the fuzzies running all over me peeping long as someone takes the time to tape their little poopers so there are no droppings.

- Cassaendra

A Cookie and a Cupcake
2173 Professor Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113
Tel: (216) 344-9433

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