Sunday, March 22, 2009


Bug was in an experimentin' mood and whipped up a soup of our favorite ingredients - asparagus, mushroom, and potatoes.

What? No bacon?

I don't hate bacon. I'm just not a big fan of really salty (oniony or garlicky) foods. Bacon tends to overwhelm soups.

Asparagus mushroom potato soup

This will make 10-15 servings.

1 lb asparagus
fresh mushrooms, quartered
3 lb potatoes, 1/2" cubes
4 c milk
1 c water

1 stick of butter
1-1/2 c flour

I wasn't paying attention when he cooked this. As far as I know, Bug pureed 1/2 lb of potatoes with the asparagus stems, made the roux, then cooked the potatoes with the roux, milk, and water. When the potatoes were about 3/4 done, he added the asparagus spears and mushrooms, added some salt and pepper, then simmered this for a wee bit.

The soup had a smooth texture that wasn't runny, thanks to the roux and potatoes. The asparagus played nicely with the potatoes, the two predominant flavors, as the mushrooms watched close by. I loved it.

Bug was quite satisfied with the soup also, so we're going to see an encore. Yay!

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- Cassaendra

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