Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck o' the Irish

Since it's St Patrick's Day, we went to Famous Dave's Barbecue for dinner. And since it was Tuesday, Bug ordered the "Two for Tuesday" dinner ($25) -- dinner served on a rubbish can lid. Now that's dining with crass...err class!

This used to be a Chichi's Mexican restaurant several years ago. Not much of the place has changed structurally, but it's transformed quite nicely.


We were so impressed with our first experience here that we've returned...this time, with a camera! This post will be fairly text sparse since I've already made it clear that I love this place in my previous visit here.

I wish there was a way to peel off some of the food from the screen...


At each table, there are five sauces plus ketchup in each carrier. The napkins are paper towels fitted into a pipe and wood contraption.

Depending on the server, you'll get a complimentary bowl of wedge-cut fries to try out their 5 sauces. Because of their peppery flavor and slight zing, my favorite sauces are the Devil's Spit and Texas Pit. I'm not one for very sweet and tangy or mustard sauces, so the Rich & Sassy, Georgia Mustard, and the Sweet & Zesty are all right.

Smoked salmon spread with fire-grilled flatbread

As I mentioned in my previous visit, I ADORE the smoked salmon dip here, especially the crumbled smoked salmon atop the spread. It's how I imagine an opium haze to feel.


I actually doubled the amount of spread on subsequent slices, and we still had leftovers to munch on. The flatbread is delicious on its own, peppery with a nice char.

Two for Tuesday

The Tuesday special is their "Two for Tuesday," a dinner for two for $25. I actually didn't want to order this much food, but Bug loved the idea so I went along. It turned out great because we had leftovers for my lunch and his the next day.

What do you get for $25? 6-7 ribs, ~8 thick slices of brisket over Texas toast, 1/2 of a roasted chicken, 2 cobs of corn, 2 corn muffins, a bowl of baked beans, a bowl of cole slaw, and wedge-cut fries.

The chicken was great like last time, except this time around it was better because there was no lemon pepper running interference, which is funky for me to say since I am a poultry burn-out. The beef brisket is, as always, STELLAR that it HAS to cause cancer because it's SOOOO good.

Nappy time

I hate to repeat myself, but Famous Dave's is consistently awesome in every way. This is one of our favorite restaurants in the city.

- Cassaendra

Famous Dave's
26410 Great Northern Shop Ctr
North Olmsted, OH 44070
(440) 777-0200

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