Sunday, October 5, 2008



The decisions a puppy must make! Pee versus Play.

For her, this was just another day -- time to go out to the yard to run around and do the doo. Little did she know that we were going to take her far from the familiar surroundings of the yard, down the block to the park! Oh boy!

As she pulled us further away from the house to the park, she kept looking back at us as if wondering, "Is this really okay?"

At the same time, she pounced on every leaf that blocked her path. When we finally got to the park, I saw all the leaves littered across the walkway and the grass and thought, "Oh jeez, this is going to take forever."


We pulled up to the first bench near the edge of the park, which was 15 yards away from a play area where there were a few kids. Akemi was mesmerized with the screaming, laughing, and jumping.

Want to play with kids!

Still mesmerized, she tugged at her leash wanting to play with the kids. Until she found something more interesting in her path...

Ooh, gravel!

Gravel. She picked at it and tried to eat it. Some kids came up with their mother and Akemi got really excited. Not only is she a drama queen, she's an attention whore. She jumped up and down like a bunny when she heard the girls and mother screeching, "HOW CUTE!" They fawned over her, as she's accustomed to being treated, soaking up everyone's adoration.

She even piddled a little.

- Cassaendra

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