Saturday, October 11, 2008

Down in the Park

Today was Akemi's first time outside of the neighborhood where she could get out and it didn't result in a shot.

There was a district cross country meet going on at the park so it was full of screaming kids and adults. I'd say at least 1,000 people were there expressly for the meet and waiting to pet our little brat...err princess.

Mingling with the locals

Akemi took to the park quickly and felt right at home. A cute stray tabby was very friendly and actually walked over to talk to Akemi, then followed her around for a little while.

I wonder whose bike that is!

I love the rings around the cat's tail. I wanted to take it home with me!

After we moved away from the cat, Akemi pounced on every puffy dandelion that was in her path and then ate them, chased after leaves, strained at her leash to meet up with every dog.

It doesn't matter how big the dog is. If she's close enough, she'll walk around the dog sniffing for a few seconds. After that, she'll either stand there quietly or she'll hop around and bark at the dog.

Sandy tootsies

After we walked across the confusing cross country course and dodged a few kids running their timed events (they were confusing!), we walked over to the beach. Bug and I were curious how Akemi would react to sand and a body of water. Hell, we still haven't given her a proper bath yet.

She appeared a bit confused by the sand. I'm not sure if it was the texture or the smell. She didn't move for a few seconds, then she dipped her nose into the sand. The nose print was cute, then she began to eat the sand and seashells, which wasn't so cute.

Oooh! Lots of free water!

We pulled her closer to the edge of the lake. She wasn't scared at all, and began licking the water.

A gaggle of little kids with flushed and shiny cheeks stopped by to see Akemi and her sandy nose. She was a bit preoccupied with the water, but still made time for her fans.

Driftwood teasing Akemi

She caught site of a piece of driftwood calling out to her. Being Akemi, she HAD to have it. She hopped around at the edge of the water, even going knee-deep into the water, trying to get to the piece of wood.


Alas, it wasn't meant to be. After several minutes, she barked at the driftwood a few times and walked away.

Water cooler gossip

After being out for an hour, we took a break. More kids came by to pet her. We even had a shadowy silhouette screeching "how adorable!" under the shade of the willow.

The attention doesn't really bother us. We didn't expect it when we brought her home. What annoys me is when people, adults even, ask whether Akemi is a cat or pet her and say she's a cute cat. Uhh, what?

View from the pier

I didn't know the park had a pier. Bug carried Akemi as we walked down the concrete pier in the event there were fish hooks carelessly tossed about along the walkway. People would fall off the pier in fright if they heard her wail if she stepped on a hook.

When we got home, Akemi was ready to take a nap. So were we.

- Cassaendra

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