Friday, October 17, 2008

A Cookie and a Cupcake

A great new store opened up today in the neighborhood! The much anticipated A Cookie and a Cupcake, at least for us. Since we've been taking Akemi out for walks, we've noticed a few new stores opening in the area.

For the past 6 days, we walked by staring through the storefront window watching the two women busily baking, turn to wave at us, and signaling how many days until they opened. A cute flyer hung on the glass door that also had the number of days crossed out until they opened.

An open sign! I cheered, "Yay!" as I rushed in (what husband and puppy??). I eyed each cupcake and cookie several times. One of the owners felt bad seeing sad puppy dog eyes belonging to a pretty girl sitting outside obediently in the brisk breeze, and invited Bug in.

Akemi's eyes lit up and she began to lick the owner's nose with her velvety tongue while she cooed, "puppy kisses." Bug held Akemi close to him and mainly stayed to the back, as far from the counter as possible. The owner scrubbed down and asked us what we would like.

What would I like? I didn't want to seem so indecisive and waste her time.

luxuria gula avaritia superbia

I couldn't decide which ONE to buy, so I bought 6 cupcakes. We bought their special (the one that looks like Cookie Monster), carrot cake, red velvet, lemon, German chocolate, and strawberry cupcakes. We did not get the espresso, peanut butter crunch, and chocolate cupcakes because we had to leave something for people coming in after us. There were also a couple of delicious looking cookies with chunks of fruit and white chocolate as well.

Just after taking these pictures, Bug and I immediately split three cupcakes in half -- the red velvet, lemon, and strawberry. I was too busy to document our progress pictorially. They wouldn't have done these cupcakes justice under poor lighting and decrepit batteries anyway, as evidenced by the included pictures.

In general, their cakes are moist and each had its own generously spread deliciously distinct frosting. They were light, but not frothy, gritty, nor too sweet. It was not like eating bland sugar army helmets over sand.

The strawberry cupcake consisted of slices of fresh strawberries atop the strawberry frosting, white cake, and a custard filling. It was a very nice balance of fresh fruit, cake, and frosting. I'm a sucker for strawberry frosting.

The red velvet cupcake had cream cheese frosting and filling. I love red velvet cake. It's rare to find it prepared anywhere and rarer yet to find it done well. The creamy frosting is a solid complement to the dense cupcake. The color contrast worked well too!

The pairing of flavors for the lemon cupcake was delicious. The cake was topped with buttercream frosting and 3 curled raspberry sugar candy shaped like miniature rounded eucalyptus leaves. While the raspberry filling may look funky if you aren't expecting it, it rounds out the citrus well. The raspberry crunchies are a flavor and texture treat.

The carrot cake cupcake was decadent. The cream cheese frosting and filling were ooh invoking, and the carrot cake was amazing. It was extremely moist, studded with carrot slivers and fresh pineapple chunks. It is not an exaggeration when I say that this is the best carrot cake my taste buds have had the indulgence of meeting!

The German chocolate cupcake was wunderbar. While I am not a fan of chocolate cakes, this one hits the spot. I think it's because it's not sweet, nor is it bitter. The umm German chocolateness (that nutty coconut frosting) and the buttercream frosting sweetens the cupcake just right with every bite.

I tell ya, they are selling themselves short. The store should be named, "Cooookies and Cupcakes, Me Want Nom Nom Nom." Okay, maybe that's too long.

My favorites were the carrot cake and the German chocolate cupcakes. Bug's favorite was the carrot cake cupcake. *snarl*

It was great to see Akemi's eyes light up as they oohed and aahed over her puppy breath. I'm sure she can't wait to return.

Yes, that's it.

- Cassaendra

A Cookie and a Cupcake
2173 Professor Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113
Tel: (216) 344-9433

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