Sunday, May 1, 2011

Huevos Time

We didn't really need a purpose for another trip to Mi Pueblo. This time, Bug wanted to try one of their huevo platters. (Our previous trips: 1) birria estilo Michoacan 2) carne asada and pollo en mole poblano)

When Bug looked over the menu, it took 0.285 seconds of scanning the huevos con... section to determine what he was ordering.

Mi Pueblo Huevos con Chorizo
Huevos con chorizo

Chorizo is a spiced, peppery, somewhat tangy ground pork sausage that, when cooked up, looks like ground meat instead of sliced sausage rounds. It is the closest to Hawaiian Portuguese sausage when compared to the sausages widely available here like kafta, kielbasa, and wursts, from the spices and chili peppers used. I haven't tried linguiƧa, however.

Bug also ordered the barbecue pork tacos in an attempt to balance his meal with some cool, crunchy vegetables.

I didn't try either of the dishes, so this entry is probably of little use for someone trying to find out what these taste like so I offer a visual. The only thing I could get out of Bug was the huevos con chorizo was "all wasn't earth shattering. All it really is is chorizo and fried eggs with some seasoning." I guess he liked it for what it was.

Mi Pueblo BBQ Pork Tacos
Barbecue pork tacos

Bug has always liked Mi Pueblo's fresh tortillas. With barbecue pork, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, and a squirt of lime, while it was good on its own, he enjoyed this more for the change in temperature and texture. I don't recall if the pork is shaved from a spit then grilled or if it is marinated then grilled.

With "Birria..." scrawled on the whiteboard stand at the entrance, I wasn't going to deny myself a plate of bliss.

Mi Pueblo Birria estilo Michoacan
Birria estilo Michoacan (goat stew)

As always (meaning 2 out of 2 times), the goat stew was excellent. I have written about it before and don't want to appear too much like a 13-year-old fangirl.

Also described previously, the salsas and pickles are more complex, not your run-of-the-mill salsas that you find at chain restaurants. They are worth the trip. Oh, and the horchata (sweetened almond-rice drink)!

Mi Pueblo Salsa Pickles
Delicious salsa and pickles

Next time I'll explore the other treasures on the menu, unless birria is on the whiteboard.

- Cassaendra

Mi Pueblo
12207 Lorain Ave
Cleveland, OH 44111
Tel: 216 671-6661

4 deep thoughts:

Michael 02 May, 2011 14:30  

That was a great posting. I like the different version of breakfast food: huevos con... I still love my bacon though.

My only suggestion its that you should NEVER and I repeat NEVER look at the ingredients of what is used to make chorizos. If it says pork, they're not telling you the whole story!

Cassaendra 02 May, 2011 19:21  

Hi Michael,

You know what happens when you tell someone not to look down... :)

Mrs. L 04 May, 2011 19:21  

I never need an excuse to try Mexican food! I'm actually headed to Mi Pueblo market after work tonight and they have a little restaurant/cafe that I'm now going to have to partake of!

Cassaendra 05 May, 2011 20:15  

Hi Mrs. L~

I hope your shopping trip went well. What did you get? :) Argh, I'm craving tamales now...

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