Monday, September 20, 2010


Since my first visit to Mi Pueblo on Lorain Ave, there has been one elusive menu item: birria estilo Michoacan.

During our previous trip to Mi Pueblo on a Sunday, they had run out. On previous trips, the dish was not prepared.

It came to my attention while reading a community post on Serious Eats that Mexico's bicentennial independence celebration was to take place on September 16th. While I was joyful of the occasion, I felt a tinge of guilt as my immediate thought was that this event could be my ticket to finally eating birria.

Birria estilo Michoacan Beans Rice
Birria estilo Michoacan with tomatillo sauce ($13.95)

Bug admitted several minutes after my initial "oohs and aahs" that he was nervous for me, more likely himself, as the expectation one builds after waiting months for a dish may be too great.

Bug and I have eaten together for many years. Goat is normally served bone-in. He isn't fond of goat - he doesn't hate it, he just isn't all that in to it. Yes, this is leading somewhere. When I order a dish that I'm not very fond of, he is often stuck holding the bag.

Imagine his relief as I gleefully sucked out marrow from the lone bone in my magnificent serving. That white circle in the middle of the photograph was the only bone served. This was a massive serving of meat. Of course, this is one of a scant few times I really wish I had more bones; well, more melty marrow.

Mi Pueblo's mole is different from your average Mexican place. As it arrives, you notice that the sauce is black, a still unusual trait in most western cooking. Next, the scent is meaty and toasty. Finally, the flavor is intense - bitter, sweet, and spicy - and relentless, so it is a perfect union with a red meat like goat. The texture of the goat was perfect, firm yet yielding.

With its impactful flavor and large serving size, the leftovers substantially and quite happily fed me for 2 more meals!

- Cassaendra

Mi Pueblo
12207 Lorain Ave
Cleveland, OH 44111
Tel: 216 671-6661

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sarah 21 September, 2010 14:40  

Hi Cassaendra,

This is completely unrelated to this post, but I couldn't find your contact info. I read a comment you made on Serious Eats about Pittsburgh having great All-Clad sales two times a year. I'm intrigued...where and when and how much?

Cassaendra 21 September, 2010 19:03  

Hi Sarah,

No problem! All Clad holds a semiannual sale in June and December. Their upcoming sale is on December 3rd and 4th at the Washington County Agricultural Fair & Expo Center, southwest of Pittsburgh. Discounts can be as high as 70% off. Hope this helps. :)

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