Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Aloha

For Thanksgiving, when I was in elementary school at Playmate, we sang the following song each year:

We are thankful for sunshine, for wind, and for rain.
We are thankful for taro and tall sugarcane.
We are thankful for fish, for rice, and for poi.
For my mother and father, and thanksgiving joy.

It sums up well how I feel each day, even when it's icy or humid out - just not to the same degree. Putting my adult hat on, I am additionally thankful to have a job that I enjoy, a relatively warm room that blocks most of the wind to sleep in, and my family and friends are in good health and spirit. Unfortunately, food and a place to sleep are still privileges even in the land of plenty and, as such, should be appreciated when available.

Warm Thanksgiving wishes to all!

- Cassaendra, Sicklybug, Yoru, and Akemi

2 deep thoughts:

Michael 25 November, 2010 23:55  

That's a really cute poem...

... this is the first year without my dad at Thanksgiving. It was hard for me but especially hard for my mom.

What I learned this Thanksgiving is to acknowledge what we don't have but be thankful and appreciative of what we do have in the here and now.

Cassaendra 27 November, 2010 11:12  

Dear Michael,

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for your insight. I know your family is thankful for all that you do.

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