Sunday, November 7, 2010


After our lovely meal at Northstar, we walked along High Street and came across a boarded development.

Short North Board Beehive

When I tried to locate this spot on Google maps, it showed the original boards for the development which included just the tall boards shown above.

Short North Board Alice

This is the site of the apparently stalled Ibiza condos. I ran across a write-up that mentioned that the spaces will be apartments instead, once built.

Short North Board Beholder

Short North Board Bombling

Reading a couple of local Columbus blogs and magazines tell a story of the Short North neighborhood that came about much like Tremont in Cleveland, a shady neighborhood no one felt safe to visit during the day 25 years ago, vitalized to a destination with art galleries, restaurants, and luxury condos.

Short North Board Uniworm

Short North Board Kitsune

I'm rooting for the apartments to be built!

- Cassaendra

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