Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pink Supernova

Pink Hearts
Entrance to Malley's

On Friday night, we headed to Malley's factory and store on Brookpark Road to see if the place would be a mad house. The morning news mentioned their chocolate covered Twinkies, so we were curious.

The store was open later than normal and the parking lot was jammed. Malley's had the good sense to put up 4-5 well-utilized drive-thru kiosks so people wouldn't have to get out of their cars and trudge through slushy snow like we did.

Malleys Entrance
At the entrance

Business was brisk in the store with at least 20 customers dancing around between tables with displays of assorted chocolates.

Of course, they were sold out of the Twinkies by the time we arrived. The masochist that I am, I asked a woman behind one of the glass cases when they were sold out. She replied with a chuckle, "by 10:00 a.m."

I thought, "Duh!" and let out a sigh of relief. At least it wasn't 10 minutes ago.

One of the cases
One of several cases of chocolates

After taking numerous pictures, I felt guilty walking out with nothing, so I picked up a $1.25 packet of raspberry gummi. I still felt guilty.

Another case
Another case of chocolates

Bug and I went back and forth on what to get. He didn't want to feel suckered into buying anything expensive. Too late! That would be akin to walking into a florist and looking to not get ripped off buying roses.

Chocolate Strawberries Box
Chocolate covered strawberries in suspended animation

The chocolate covered strawberries and grapes were going for $16.75 per box, 2 for $25. A message on the box warns:
Please enjoy within 2 days and keep refrigerated.

Chocolate Grapes Box
Box of chocolate covered grapes

We walked out with a box each of chocolate covered strawberries and grapes, a handful of individually wrapped milk chocolate hearts ($1.00 each) filled with peanut butter, raspberry, and caramel, and my raspberry gummi.

A special trip home was made to throw the boxes of chocolates in the refrigerator since we still had more shopping to do, even though the ambient temperature outside was 27°F.

After our return, we opened the boxes, curious to see if they were really worth it.

Chocolate Strawberries
Unwrapped in plastic

My first thought when I saw the strawberries was Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic. A little morbid, yes. Ah, I wish Twin Peaks could have lasted longer. I miss the banter between Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn).

More Chocolate Grapes
The Grapes Un-wrapped

I'm sure Mr. Steinbeck just rolled over in his grave. This reminds me that I ought to read "The Grapes of Wrath" some time in the near future. I'm not sure why I did not read the book in high school.

Choc Strawberry Grapes
Chocolate covered strawberry and grapes

The strawberries were large, fresh, flavorful and luscious. The grapes...the grapes were a surprise. I have never had chocolate covered grapes. I imagined myself being a dinosaur reaching out and grabbing a human, legs wriggling, chomping on the head (nevermind that they didn't coexist, this is MY imagination!) and growling, "Mmm, crunchy and juicy! Let me have another!"

The milk chocolate and the skin of the grapes crunched. Once the grape skin yielded to my teeth, squish, out came the sweet grape juice and soft bits of flesh. Mixed with the sweet and smooth chocolate flavor, juicy sweetness of the grape, and slight tartness from the grape skin, this was a pleasant mix of texture and flavor.

The chocolates were enjoyable. Was it $16.75 worth it? Not being a chocolate lover and on my paycheck, no.

Choc Strawberry Bite

Yes, the store really is THAT pink.

- Cassaendra

Malley's Chocolates
13400 Brookpark Rd (factory & store location)
Cleveland, OH 44135

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