Saturday, February 6, 2010


While at the grocery store this afternoon, we discovered a stack of 50+ boxes of fresh-baked lemon, poppy seed, prune, custard, raspberry, blueberry, and apple-filled paczki packed 6 to a box in a variety of 2 - 4 fillings. We don't celebrate Fat Tuesday or Fat Thursday, but I look forward to this treat when it comes around because it reminds me of malasadas, one of a scant few deep-fried treats from my childhood.

We spent 10 minutes rummaging through the stack for our perfect combination. I really wanted prune and custard. Bug wanted blueberry. Poppy seed, apple, and raspberry would have been okay. I did not want lemon.

The combinations consisted of prune-custard-apple, blueberry-prune, prune-raspberry-blueberry-poppy seed, and other configurations, but not prune-custard-blueberry so we settled for blueberry-prune.

When we arrived home, I ran into the kitchen with the goods, tore open the box before taking my shoes off, before feeding the rugrats who were glaring at me hungrily, before taking them out to take care of business, before the pack mule finished hauling in the groceries, and greedily bit into my beloved paczek.

Lemon Paczek
Bachi filled paczek

My lemon-filled paczek.

I'm sure Bug was laughing under his breath.

- Cassaendra

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Michael 06 February, 2010 21:04  

Screaming Yellow Zonkers...



Cassaendra 06 February, 2010 22:48  



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