Saturday, February 6, 2010


If you are one of 5 people on Earth who has not yet seen Avatar and plan on seeing the movie, you may not wish to read any further as there are spoilers ahead.

Not since the original Star Wars movie, A New Hope, has there been a film that has changed cinema to this degree.

Avatar has made a bajillion dollars with the successful implementation of the modern 3D movie format. As a result, Hollywood sees so much money to be made in this enterprise they are turning films that were not filmed in 3D to 3D, starting with the Clash of the Titans remake due to be released in April, followed by a ton of other movies in the pipeline.

Let's consider the premise. A stranger gets off a ship and mingles with the native population who do not trust him initially. He meets a beautiful native princess, spends time with her, meanwhile teaching him to appreciate nature. He falls in love, becomes sympathetic to their cause, decides to fight for her, and finally becomes accepted as one of their own.

Did that sum up Avatar or Pocahontas? Yes!

James Cameron has stated that this film took over 10 years to complete. I think he should have spent more time on the story. "Been there, done that" doesn't even begin to sum up my feelings about the script. With the exception of the warships and the avatar bodies, there isn't much difference between the two stories. Each turn in the plot was predictable.

Don't get me wrong, I do not hate James Cameron. I LOVE Aliens and Terminator, ranking those two films very high on my list of all-time favorites. I guess that is why I expected more from him.

With the Golden Globes awarded and the Oscar nominees announced recently, I ask why has Avatar been nominated for anything outside of CGI or sound? Why "Best Picture"? Why "Best Director"? Is this the trend we are trying to set, Hollywood? *sigh*

The one thing I can praise about Avatar is that it is not another remake. Wait, it is a remake of Pocahontas!

It's a whole new world...of cinema.

- Bug

4 deep thoughts:

Michael 07 February, 2010 22:38  

Exactly how much is a bajillion?

I liked Precious more than Avatar, hands down.


SicklyBug 07 February, 2010 23:08  

Personally, I am rooting for Inglourious Basterds, but I have yet to see every film that is in the best picture category. I don't think it will win best picture though.

Michael 08 February, 2010 01:27  

Inglorious Basterds was excellent as well. The guy who played the Nazi officer was excellent. His scene in the farmhouse was absolutely unnerving and cold blooded.


SicklyBug 08 February, 2010 08:10  

Christoph Waltz (the jew hunter) is a sure thing for supporting actor. If I was a betting man then that's where I would place my money.

It's been a long time since I have seen a character/actor on screen that has played a villain as well as he did. He's got that charming yet creepy thing going for him. One minute he seem like the nicest guy in the world, the next his hands are wrapped around your neck!

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