Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dead Heaven

We knew it wouldn't last, but the smack still stings.

Yesterday, we were lulled into a lazy, warm day in the upper 60s. I was even tempted to go out in shorts, but instead opted for a short-sleeved t-shirt and jeans. The schools of racing leaves left us in the dust as we enjoyed the warm gusts in no hurry. Akemi strained at her leash desperately and unsuccessfully chasing after each leaf that crossed her path, ignoring the branches. Sticks are so last month.

The streets were bustling despite most of the stores being closed, as people crawled out of their cocoons to enjoy the warm weather and gravitated toward one of my favorite stores, Banyan Tree.

With the sun out, I was ready to take a ton of pictures. When I came upon Tremont Scoops and clicked to shoot, not just once but three times, I looked at the camera, puzzled, as it did not make that affirmative click. That was when I noticed the flashing icon on the screen.

My camera battery was dead. Oops.

I have instead taken pictures on this dead, frigid Sunday morning. As we were walking, the church bells reverberated nine times through the empty streets, largely ignored, letting the three of us know just how early it was. The streets felt like a husk of what it was just 20 hours previous.

Tremont Scoops in hibernation

I walked in to Tremont Scoops last week to buy a couple of Akemi's favorite biscuits and was surprised to discover an empty space on the counter where the large, ever-present glass jar of neatly stacked doggie biscuits (2 for 25 cents) sat. The store felt pallid and only a handful of labels were pressed haphazardly against the glass pane in one of the coolers to their normal 15+.

I blurted, "Oh no, where are the doggie biscuits?!" The proprietor informed me that this was their last evening open for the season until they re-open in May. It was then that I noticed the muted, normally lively, hum of the machines. She taunted me by adding that she gave all the doggie biscuits away to a woman who came in no more than 5 minutes ago. I didn't want to know that.

Akemi searching for snacks

We tried their vanilla bean and butter pecan ice cream a couple months ago. Their ice cream is rather rich so a scoop is all I could eat. I'm sure if Akemi could have her way, she'd lap up the ice cream in a second. Do dogs get ice cream headaches?

Under the Banyan Tree

The clothes, as well as the furnishings and miscellaneous stuff, at Banyan Tree are in line with my tastes, or would be gifts I'd give if money were no object. It's actually kind of a good way. Their prices are quite fair, too.

Bottom's up at 806

We've never been to 806 Martini and Wine Bar, nor do we plan on visiting. I just thought it was a cute mural.

Cookies and a Cupcake

We frequent Cookies and a Cupcake and love their stuff as I've described in a past entry. Recently, I organized an office birthday party and ordered 20 cupcakes and labeled each one and its contents with tent cards. Everyone was amazed with the flavor, variety (12 different cupcakes!), and artistry.

There has never been a day the proprietors have been less than jovial to see us. I think Akemi might have something to do with it, as they shower her with gobs of affection as she waits patiently outside for me to make up my mind which sumptuous sins to take home.

No kisses for Akemi today

We have come to realize that we're just Akemi's chaperones.

- Cassaendra

Tremont Scoops
2362 Professor Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113

Banyan Tree
2242 Professor Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113
Tel: (216) 241-1209

A Cookie and a Cupcake
2173 Professor Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113
Tel: (216) 344-9433

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