Sunday, December 14, 2008

Time Flies!

Halp, Daddyyy...

I can't believe how quickly time flies. This picture was taken in October during one of our strolls to the park. I know she looks mortified on her first trip down a slide, but I swear she had fun on it.

Akemi loves to carry sticks, from twigs to tree trunks. Getting this home was one of her more challenging moments. It lasted all of 15 seconds.

Nom nom nom...

Yes, we feed the dog plenty enough.

We've had snow off and on, but our first substantial snowfall came earlier this week. Akemi will fit in really well in Hawaii running after everyone's shaved ice.

Poor Bugsicle. Every time he takes her out to use the bathroom, she prances around for a few minutes to eat as much snow as dogly as possible, like the greedy crab leg people at the buffet, before tending to business (if she remembers).

Actually, I think she'll miss the snow. She seems the happiest and most comfortable this time of year.

Powder puff

While it was frigid, the snow looks a lot worse in this picture than it really was.

The awesomeness of a Nikon D60!

The weather has been a little goofy the past couple of weeks. From snow and temperatures in the low 20s earlier in the week to 60s today. This weekend, we were able to walk around with just long sleeve shirts and jeans.

The Nikon D60 is an amazing camera. I LOVE taking pictures of people, places, puppies, and pfood. The camera has made my mediocre camera skills look stellar, as evidenced by the last picture in this entry (above). Thank you, Daddy! =)

- Cassaendra

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Tipa 15 December, 2008 14:36  

So cute :)

I was thinking about you guys the other day. Well, Friday. The guild I started in EQ1 to go through all the old content one last time headed into the Plane of Disease to do that Rallius Rattican fight for the Book of Secrets quest for someone.

(I wrote about it here.)

Pretty much the first time I met you and Szel was when you helped me do that very same fight on my rogue :)

Happy Holidays!

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