Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Deckard and the Predalien

My Blade Runner briefcase arrived yesterday! Yay! Back in July, I wrote about how excited I was that this was coming out.

The briefcase was bigger and sturdier than I expected. According to my case, only 103,000 were produced. What was displayed in those early pictures is exactly what I received. It amazes me how nice lenticular pictures are these days, compared to the goofy way they were many years go. The origami unicorn is a cheap plastic silver unicorn. It's still nice though.

The cleaned up final cut was gorgeous. I haven't watched the specials yet. We were watching it last night, and I was bundled up nice and toasty in my blanket. That was a mistake. In the winter, toasty me = unconscious me.

Today, we went to see Alien vs. Predator: Requiem (AvP-R). I really enjoyed it. Bug hated the first one, but liked this second one.

The movie was deliciously dark. It takes off from the previous AvP movie, where the Predator ship takes an impregnated Predator away.

Predalien is born.

I enjoyed seeing all the Predator's toys in use. It was also interesting to see Wolf take off from his place and playing a cleaner. Initially, I was disappointed that it took place on Earth. I like being immersed in another time and place.

It was an entertaining film overall. I certainly look forward to getting this on DVD so I can watch it again and all the specials (hopefully). Another hope is that more of these movies will be made!

I am not sure how long this link will last, but this is my very own Predalien. It's not very imaginative, I know, but hey, I love the Predator's style and toys!

- Cassaendra

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