Monday, December 24, 2007


Bug's mother is having surgery today. It's pretty serious and the docs don't fully know what is going on, so the operation today is to take out the bad parts and explore if there is anything more that is not right. :(

I woke up yesterday morning to thoughts of my mother. My subconscious made a connection that I did not make consciously.

My mother collapsed this time of year, years ago. Exploratory surgery was performed and it was discovered that cancer had ravaged almost all of her organs - no hope.

She gave up.

Less than one month later, I was at her bedside at home watching her slowly take her last gasps of breath before she slipped into an eternal dream. She was in her 40s.


When Bug spoke with his mother last night, I listened in. She sounded great, considering she's been poked and flushed out! I am very confident she will be okay!

- Cassaendra

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