Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cloud City

Kumori is our senior ferret. Six or seven years ago, he was found at Bug's workplace covered in soot. Animal Control was called to have him picked up, but Bug took him home, where he became our resident albino surfer dude. He is the most laid back ferret you'll ever meet and will acknowledging you with a "What's up, dude?" nod.

Being an old critter, Kumori now requires a twice daily dose of prednisolone to regulate his blood sugar levels, as well as a diet fortified with brewer's yeast. On Friday, between shuttling me to work and picking up Kumori's beef-flavored script (the pharmacy's hours are 9-5, open weekdays only), Bug made an incredible pot of beef stew.

Prep work started early in the morning after dropping me off at work, cutting all the vegetables for an hour and then cooking the meat for ~1-1/2 hours. The stew was finally finished early in the afternoon! There was about a 45-minute break in between while he picked up little Kumori's script.

The stew's consistency was juuust the way I like it, similar to my mother's exquisite ox tail stew. The stew was thick, not spackle thick, nor was it as runny as Vietnamese beef stew. It was filled with chunks of carrots, celery, tomatoes, bell pepper, and potatoes that were just-cooked through so they retained their crisp texture and unique flavor, but long enough to intermingle with its simmering environs. The meat was so tender, it gave little resistance to revealing its rich beefy essence.

"Screenshot or it doesn't exist!" you say. Alas, I can't provide one...this time!

- Cassaendra

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Mjol 25 June, 2007 06:19  

Oh man, I don't think I could resist naming your ferret Dirt-Weasel.

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