Thursday, June 28, 2007

iScream uScream

We all scream for iPhone? Wait, that doesn't sound right.

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I've been drooling over those iPhone commercials for the past 2 months. The day has finally come to purchase one! They go on sale tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. Guess who is going to be in line for one?

Not me.

Yes, it is sad, but as sleek and really just plain AWESOME as they look, I can't justify it for $500 or 600 each + $60/month x 2 year contract with AT&T + anything else (battery, etc.). My cell phone, pedestrian music, and mobile gaming consumption equals to AT MOST 10 minutes a month combined.

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I don't care for the leash. I can listen to music at home on my computer or on the stereo. When I am out and about, I can listen to MP3s through my factory installed car stereo. It doesn't look right if I am plugged in and listening to music while walking with someone, as commonly as I do see this! I don't sit down and wait anywhere to necessitate a mobile gaming device.

Now, I wouldn't toss it away if one fell from the sky... :)

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Brenda 29 June, 2007 05:56  

But... it's an iPhone! It shouldn't matter if you need it or not :P

SicklyBug & Cassaendra 28 July, 2007 22:49  

Hi Brenda! True, true! I have piles of stuff at home that fall under that category, most of which are collecting dust or lying forgotten between some of my other impulse acquisitions. >.>

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