Sunday, March 31, 2013


Povitica Walnut
Walnut povitica

We recently saw a Strawberry Hill display of poppy seed, apple cinnamon, walnut, and chocolate chip cream cheese povitica at Costco. Povitica is traditionally a spiced sweet eastern European pastry roll. I first became familiar with nut rolls several years ago when someone from work brought in a poppy seed roll.

Tasting a morsel of each at the sampling station, the apple cinnamon and poppy seed povitica were delicious, as expected. I was sold on the spiced, honey walnut pastry with its moist, dense center and thin flaked crust. It reminded me a lot of baklava, but not as bitter (from the nuts) nor as sweet.

- Cassaendra

3 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 02 April, 2013 18:52  

Hmm. Might have to check out my Costco for some new goodies.

Adam Kuban 02 April, 2013 23:38  

Geez does that look good.

Cassaendra 04 April, 2013 23:18  

Hi Mrs. L,

The povitica are gone, but ours recently began carrying Korean nori. This enables a bad addiction of mine. *sigh*

Heyas Adam,

We'll have to wait another year...or drive over to a Slovenian bakery. :) Next time you're in the Kansas City area, Strawberry Hill apparently sells blueberry cream cheese povitica on Mother's Day.

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