Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl Cupcake?

Superbowl Cupcake

Buffalo wings with ranch dressing and chips are a couple of dishes I think of when I think of Superbowl grub, aside from pizza, potato salad, beer, and Tums.

The women at A Cookie and a Cupcake thought up a Superbowl themed savory-sweet cupcake that actually works even though I prefer ranch over bleu cheese. Corn chips with spiced barbecue buttercream are tasty in a french fries in your shake or sundae sort of way.

- Cassaendra

A Cookie and a Cupcake
2173 Professor Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113
Tel: (216) 344-9433

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 05 February, 2013 19:07  

Yes, if I could, I'd probably try one of those cupcakes!

Cassaendra 09 February, 2013 20:52  

Hi Mrs. L,

It's worth a try. How bad can a cupcake be -- at least one that comes from a store? If it came from my kitchen, it's another thing.

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