Monday, January 14, 2013

Suizenji Park

Suizenji Kouen in Kumamoto was constructed in 1636 by the Hosokawa family with Mt Fuji as its centerpiece. Walking through the park, one can take numerous scenic photographs with many combinations of trees, water, teahouse, statues, shrubs, and rock formations.

Suizenji Hill
A view 

I took over 50 pictures at this park, but this rather plain shot is my favorite. Being right in the middle of an urban area, much of the view is marred by tall concrete buildings, satellite towers, and balloons. Statues of Hosokawa stand near an area that was used for noh performances.

Suizenji Potato
Potato Lady

One of the women I was traveling with bought sweet potato mochi for everyone. The lightly sweetened golf ball sized sweet potato puree wrapped with mochi were made minutes before, so they were warm, a little sticky on the outside and perfectly smooth and firm on the inside. Perfect with green tea, which I didn't have.

Suizenji Satoimo Mochi

At a brisk pace, Suizenji Park takes around 30 minutes to walk the paved perimeter, but I left wanting to spend hours here to enjoy its beauty; however, our next step was a tour of beautiful Kumamoto Castle. The park is a 15 minute tram ride from the castle (30 min tram ride from Kumamoto train station) and is a must-see when coming to Kumamoto. Don't forget to bring a cup of hot green tea.

- Cassaendra

Suizenji Kouen

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