Wednesday, September 5, 2012


A much anticipated box arrived from a good friend of mine that included one of my favorite foods -- noodles! I tore open the box and discovered packets of Koka brand curry and mi goreng noodles from Singapore. These were high recommended by a local Singaporean while he was there.

Koka Curry Noodles Wrapper
The packet

Since we've signed up for Fresh Fork Market (CSA), we always have fresh vegetables and eggs. This was our first week receiving Brussels sprouts, Hungarian peppers, and yellow pattypan squash. Corn and eggs were part of our bag the previous week.  Leftover bamboo shoots and a sprinkle of shichimi togarashi, and I was good to go.

Koka Curry Noodles
Steamy bowl of yum

The amount of noodles packed was twice as much as expected and not as temperamental as some instant noodles are, with an ample al dente window. For a powder only base, the soup had a rich curry flavor that was pleasing to my palate. Cumin was neither overpowering nor bitter, with a nudge toward the sweet curry spectrum. How fortunate I am to have such a sweet friend! He took great care in transporting this fragile cargo to the US evident by the noodles arriving in perfect condition. (Thank you!)

- Cassaendra

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Michael 05 October, 2012 22:50  

Glad you liked the noodles. I've tried the Mie Goreng and it reminded me vaguely of yakisoba. The Laksa noodles reminded me of a watered down version of a Thai dish called "khao sawy" which is similar tasting but the coconut flavor is much more pronounced.

Cassaendra 07 October, 2012 11:12  

Hi Michael,

Thank you! They were great! I looked it up and it appears that Koka brand noodles are popular in the UK.

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