Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cleveland Street View

Recently, we took a few snapshots of the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood in Cleveland's West Side.

Gordon Square has always been a busy neighborhood. A few years ago, the area went through extensive renovation including the Capitol Theater, one of several destination businesses in the area, at least to us, along with Sweet Moses, our favorite soda parlor. Yum!

Capitol Theater
Capitol Theater

A few minutes away towards Lake Erie is a housing development along Father Caruso Drive with a view of Lake Erie and a working railroad, where I stood to take the picture below. Highway Route 2 and Edgewater Park are beyond the railroad tracks, below a cliff. The airy space, architecture, and manicured greenery stand out amongst the clutter of Detroit Ave and the older homes up the street, as if space was folded along the New England coast.

Father Caruso Drive
Father Caruso Drive

Just a minute down the street (or train track) sits Battery Park, a housing development built on the former site of an Eveready battery plant. Only small sections of the plant remain, like its distinctive smokestack.

Battery Park
Father Caruso Drive, Battery Park in the distance

Instead of a Cape Cod atmosphere, the Battery Park townhomes have a modern "green" appearance. Some homes appear right out of a movie set or housing cluster on a terraformed planet with paneled square blocks, while others are painted in modern alternating colors - oxblood, mustard, maccha.

Several minutes west and inland from the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood along West 101st St and Detroit Ave are the Boulevard Terrace Apartments. With its distinctive appearance and proximity to public transportation (Cudell station), these apartments could easily go for a pretty penny once completed; however, these historic apartments are apparently earmarked for public housing.

Boulevard Terrace Apartments
Boulevard Terrace Apartments

The Cudell station is an area bus hub and train stop that leads right into Downtown Cleveland. There is a lot of parking for people to commute without having to deal with Downtown traffic, as well as the airport and other East Side . The fence between the station and Detroit Ave is funky and has a 70s lollipop appearance. It is probably hideous to some and nifty to others.

Detroit Ave W 101 St Fence
At the Cudell rapid station parking lot

It'll be interesting to see this area once the development is complete. We'll definitely visit Sweet Moses.

- Cassaendra

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