Sunday, September 5, 2010

Polish Festival

St. John Cantius, a Polish Roman Catholic church in Tremont, is celebrating the Labor Day weekend with their annual Polish festival.

Lively music, games, and homemade comfort foods like kielbasa, sauerkraut pierogi, potato pierogi, and cabbage and noodles were abundant at the assembly hall. Adjacent to the hall, the chapel was open to visitors, so I glanced in and found a breathtaking interior with soaring pillars and a decorated arched ceiling. Churches have a way of appearing much larger from the inside.

Pierogi Cabbage Noodles
Clockwise: cabbage and noodles, potato pierog, sauerkraut pierog

One bite of the sauerkraut pierog and I immediately proclaimed it my favorite food offering at the festival. The dough was soft yet not obliterated, and the mildly sour and salty sauerkraut filling had a bit of crunch left to give.

The potato pierogi were filling and tasty without the aid of sour cream or apple sauce. While I do not know what exactly goes into making cabbage and noodles, from the flavor it is not merely cabbage and noodles but onions, butter, and possibly bacon or kielbasa to contribute a faint smokiness.

We're going back for more tonight!

- Cassaendra

St John Cantius Roman Catholic Church
906 College Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113
Tel: (216) 781-9095

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