Saturday, April 10, 2010


Bug and I drove to Target last weekend to grab some corn and a box of crackers to put the finishing touches to a pot of soup.

We walked out with corn, crackers, and...
- blueberry lavender yogurt bars
- Robin eggs
- Nerds jelly beans
- Cadbury orange chocolate eggs
- golden kiwi and strawberry sorbet
- pomegranate blood orange sorbet

Lavender Box
They were on clearance!

What is not to love about candy coated chocolate covered malt that turns your mouth and lips turquoise! The bumpy tart Nerds coated jelly beans were interesting. I wouldn't be sad if they were never made again (Bug loves Nerds). It seems the colors aren't associated with a particular flavor. The sweet pink ones were all right, but the tart pink ones were mediocre.

Last year, we enjoyed a pint of Archer Farms' blueberry lavender sorbet, as well as their pomegranate blood orange sorbet, so I was confident the yogurt bars would be palatable.

Lavender Blueberry Bar
Lavender puffy clouds

With the temperature soaring into the mid-80s, this was a fantastic reprieve. The blend of frozen yogurt improved the overall flavor by toning down the sweet sorbet. A wee bit more lavender would make this outstanding, at least for me.

Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb

- Cassaendra

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