Monday, December 14, 2009


Bug emailed me a picture of the best bed of all for those cold winter nights - a tauntaun!

Tauntaun sleeping bag (image taken from

Yes, it's real (the sleeping bag, that is) and can be purchased at for $99. Intestines included!

I realize this probably isn't very amusing if you aren't Star Wars fan.

- Cassaendra

3 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 14 December, 2009 17:13  

I personally think its hysterical and wish we had kids so I would have an excuse to buy this!

SicklyBug and Cassaendra 14 December, 2009 18:57  

Hi Mrs. L!

When I'm embarrassed about buying something like *cough* Hello Kitty or Star Wars sheets *cough* in person, I ask for gift wrapping and a gift receipt, and comment to my husband, "I hope s/he likes this!" I'm sure we're not fooling anyone though...

Michael 16 December, 2009 23:39  

OMG, *cough* that's really funny.


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