Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Snow

Our first snow of the season arrived today, fashionably late by about 2 months. While we received only a dusting, I'm sure our foot of snow will arrive soon enough.

First Snow
First snow of the season

I am appreciative that we are not under the same blizzard warning that Baltimore and Long Island residents are currently experiencing with a snowfall forecast of ~2 feet over the weekend.

There is a special spring in Akemi's step when we take her out for a walk in snow. It isn't because her little paws are frozen. She really enjoys prancing like a fox through fluffy drifts as high as she is.

First Snow Akemi3
Akemi's first icy snacks of the season

Our walks today consisted of taking 5-6 steps, pausing for Akemi to take a quick bite of snow, moving 5-6 steps, another snow snack, and so on. The fine white dust around her snout made her look a bit dodgy.

Song of the day:

Lupin the Third '78 by Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Thanks to Michael for indirectly introducing me to Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra(TSPO). I received an email from him this morning with a link to a beautifully filmed video of Ti Amo by Exile and inquiring about the identity of the lead character. After digging around, I discovered he was Atsushi Yanaka, a baritone saxophonist for TSPO. They look fun live!

Lupin III was a great anime series.

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Michael 20 December, 2009 20:22  

Thanks for your post and for providing a link to Ti Amo by Exile. Friday night I decided to go to Kinokuniya, Seattle's largest Japanese bookstore, and saw another video by Exile and decided to purchase their cd. It came out only a few weeks ago in Japan. I was impressed with their music.

For people who have watched Ti Amo, I am providing a link to the lyrics which will make the song and video much more meaningful.

Enjoy everyone...



PS. A post about the bookstore where I purchased the CD can be found at:

SicklyBug and Cassaendra 21 December, 2009 19:33  

Hi Michael!

Thanks for the link! I didn't notice there was any singing because the video was so beautiful. j/k The video was pretty.

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