Sunday, June 7, 2009


Today was another one of those aimless Sundays; too much time, so little to do. The seconds seem to tick a bit faster as the sun draws closer to the horizon, however.

Iris in the morning

I woke up and took the dog for a walk. Another bunch of irises and white flowers bloomed. I have no clue what these huge, white flowers 6" in diameter are, and I can't get near them without disturbing a swarm of bugs. They look like chrysanthemums, but aren't.

Some days I feel totally clueless to what is going on in my neighborhood. A few stores decided to drag their junk out onto the sidewalk. Later in the day, I noticed people with stuff from their homes scattered about their lawns who weren't being evicted.

We took care of shopping for Father's Day gifts yesterday, so we drove around looking for stuff to do hoping for inspiration.

100th Bomb Group
Driving by the 100th Bomb Group Restaurant

Nope, nothing in the immediate future. Going to the 100th Bomb Group Restaurant right next to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport runway, near NASA Glenn Research, is something we've been meaning to do.

When the refrigerator is fairly empty and I feel peckish, I just throw stuff together without foresight.

It is uncomfortably warm so something cool would be nice for dinner, so I chopped 1/4th of a seedless cucumber, a pear, and washed some red grapes.

Two bags of dried lentils and barley were still sitting near the sink, left over from the 2 vats of soup Bug made on Friday. A bag of Trader Joe's Thai Lime and Chili cashews were sitting on the counter also.

TJ Thai Lime Chili Cashews

The cashews are pretty tasty, but only in moderation. They are a bit too bold and quickly becomes a flavor overload.

I had nothing better to do, so I cooked up some lentils and barley.

A hill of beans

While I cooked up the lentils and barley, I snacked a bit too much on the cucumbers. They probably wouldn't have gone well with the fruits anyway. Riiight.

Surprisingly, the crunchy and sweet pear went well with the buttery, tart, and spicy cashews. The lentils and barley really had no business being in this mess other than to add uhh texture to the dish, as well as fiber, protein, and a host of other nutrients.

Pear Grape Salad
Some kind of salad

I didn't think the Pietro sesame and miso dressing would work, but it was all right, especially with furikake sprinkled on top. My opinion is probably skewed (it is, after all, an opinion), as I would probably enjoy a platter of dirt served with this dressing.

Would I serve this to guests? While it is edible, probably not. From this little experiment, I found out that I have grown to appreciate lentils more. I can't stop snacking on those little pellets.

- Cassaendra

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