Wednesday, June 10, 2009


From bygone days when cars were works of art, a 1928 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A SS is on display in a quiet corner at one of our newest buildings.

I was fortunate to speak with the person who performed the restoration.

IF Tipo 8A SS Driver Front

From a dusty shell in Florida, it took 1-1/2 years of dedication to restore this automobile -- one of only two that were created.

The door sounded solid when opened and closed. With each thud, I winced thinking of it as a fragile piece of art, but it is foremost a well-crafted vehicle.

While it presently has no gasoline for safety reasons, the car is street-operational with a mileage in the low 100s.

IF Tipo 8A SS info

At some point in its life the muffler had fallen off, so it had to be rebuilt, not just replaced. The nuts and bolts of the car were custom made, since the original manufacturers no longer made them.

IF Tipo 8A SS Front

I find its beauty lies in the contrast of intricacy and practicality, bold lines and graceful curves. The window appears as a square piece of glass; however, when it is rolled down, there is a sleek chrome top edge.

IF Tipo 8A SS Passenger

Time absconded with the original seat covers, so new ones were crafted to the owner's specifications. I am sure the original seats weren't this beautiful! The texture of the leather is exquisite.

IF Tipo 8A SS Driver Rear

Two 12-volt batteries would have been kept in the compartment shown here. The box on the passenger side would have held tools.

It is difficult to discern from this picture where the back seat flips open, revealing leather seats identical to the cabin.

Elegance captured.

- Cassaendra

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