Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Akemi's Big Adventure

Little Akemi got spayed today.

As we got to our front door, Bug told me not to laugh too hard when I see her. I actually didn't even think about laughing up until that moment -- I've been worried about her, hoping there were no surgical mishaps.

When Bug opened the door, I saw a sleepy puppy in a cage lying listlessly on her side, droopy eyes peering up at us with a clear conical siding pressed against the side of her head. A little giggle snuck through my lips. She looked so cute, but the poor thing didn't try to stand up as she routinely does with much exuberance each time we walk through the door.

As Bug opened the door to her cage, Akemi hoisted herself up gingerly. The top of the E-collar knocked her back each time she tried to wobble out, trying to squeeze between the framework of her cage with a megaphone strapped to her neck. I could not help but laugh. Yes, I know it's mean.

Party animal!

We gave Akemi a bowl of vittles, the first time she had eaten in 24 hours, but she had a difficult time figuring out how to get food from A (bowl) to B (mouth). Each time she'd try to eat from her bowl, the bottom cusp of the E-collar blocked her mouth from her food and pushed the bowl back toward her feet. We had to help tuck the shade under her bowl so she wouldn't back-step around her cage, clumsily bumping her neck accessory, in frustrating attempts to eat.

One down, 3 more days to go until we can think about taking her out for a brisk walk and remove that silly contraption. I can't wait to get my lively and carefree Akemi back!

- Cassaendra

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