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Over the past month, Bug has been getting increasingly depressed about no longer being able to get Ruby Red Squirt. Ruby Red Squirt was his replacement for Sonic's cherry limeade, since the closest Sonic was a 15+ hour drive away when he moved here.

During the past few years, Sonic has opened closer so we've driven to Dayton and Pittsburgh to eat there, as well as making it a point to go to Sonic daily when traveling to Tennessee and Kansas.

Last night, I decided to look up where the nearest Sonic was located; a search I perform every 2-3 months. Bug was busy playing World at War, when I jumped out of my seat from the search result that flashed onto my screen.

I barked that a Sonic is less than 30 miles away! Bug was elated, so we decided to place it at the top of the next day's itinerary.

Akemi the Ostrich

Just a wee bit of overnight snowfall.

We've been under a severe winter weather watch since Friday, due to expire some time on Sunday. In Akemi's world, this forecast means a fantastic fluffy puppy playground adventure instead of peeing and pooping. She has quickly mastered running in fluffy snow higher than her shoulders by leaping like a fox while running like a gazelle. She loves to dunk her head into the snow in search of buried treasure, aye. I think she's stealing nuts from the squirrels. When spring hits, if our band of yard squirrels survive the winter, I wouldn't be surprised if they launch air attacks on her, jumping from the rooftops. I'll tell her, I told you so. Knowing her, she'll probably think they've come out to play with her, as their claws dig into her back.

It took Bug 30 minutes to free the car from its frozen tomb since 8-10" of snow had accumulated since the watch took effect. Living on one of the few streets in the neighborhood that is routinely plowed early is great, but a down-side is that it wedges all of our cars in. Our neighbor was late to work as she was digging her car out as well. Drive time to Sonic was doubled, since we encountered numerous bottlenecks from lengths of snow-covered highways to accidents.

Park n Snarf

After parking, Bug asked me what I wanted. I knew what I wanted the night before, and recited my order to him -- a burger, no onions ($2.79), and a cherry limeade. I hopped out of the car to take pictures, while he decided on what to order, being careful not to get hit by any vehicles as everyone had their cars on idle.

It didn't seem like they got as much snow as we did.

What to eat...

There's a happy hour from 14:00 - 16:00 for all the drinks, except the cream drinks. Oooh!

More yummies

I took several pictures of the place and headed back to the car. Sonic sits on a lot of a newly built Super Wal-Mart. When I got back, the food was already being delivered to the car.

Sonic burger w/o onions

I didn't realize how unappetizing close-up shots of half-eaten hamburgers were. Oh well. There was very little room in the car to display the burger by opening it up and sans utensils, plus Bug was getting irritated because he wanted to eat. I slouched and laid on my back with the burger on my lap to take the shot.

My burger had just the right amount of sauce for car-food. Sonic is the only food I allow to be eaten in my car, well, and beef jerky. The bread to everything else ratio was heavier on the bread side on my first bite only. I had a good amount of patty, lettuce, tomato slice, and dill pickles between those soft and absorbent buns that the burger was pretty well-balanced and great tasting. I was also famished. I don't think I grunted...

Crunchy tater tots and hickory cheeseburger in the background

Bug had ordered tater tots ($2.09) and a hickory cheeseburger ($3.19). I wasn't going to attempt getting between Bug and his burger to get a picture of the hickory cheeseburger. He was snarling when I asked him to hold up the tots.

The tots were the best I've ever had. Each tot had a thin, crunchy "shell" when bitten in to. The shredded potatoes were moist and soft, yet defined. It was not your leathery school tater tots used as slingshot fodder to maim people.

Because the cherry limeade was the main reason for braving the weather, Bug ordered both limeades as Route 44s, their 44 oz label ($2.29).

Cherry limeades are a refreshing drink on a hot, sunny day (not today) or when you're sick (check). It's a concoction of Sprite, some maraschino cherry syrup, and 1 whole lime squeezed into each container. The squeezed, quartered slices of lime rest at the bottom of the cup with a half-filled cup of crushed ice. A maraschino cherry will often hang inside at the edge of the cup, stem clipped by the lid. Sometimes you'll find an extra cherry at the bottom of the drink too. :)

I'm sure Bug will sleep better now that he has his beloved Sonic close by.

- Cassaendra

9780 State Route 14
Streetsboro, OH 44241
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