Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Another Day in Paradise

I love pho and could eat it every day, but to keep the peace, we only eat it 1-2 times per week.

On Mondays or when Bug isn't in the mood for pho, we go to #1 Pho; otherwise, we go to Superior Pho. Our most recent trip was on a Monday, so we went to #1 Pho.

grilled pork summer rolls

#1 Pho has the best appetizers. Not only do the appetizers taste great, there is a fairly large selection and different matching dipping sauce for each. We've been an addict of the grilled pork summer rolls for over a year. I'll occasionally change it up and get the shrimp or shredded pork (powdery stuff that sometimes goes in my eye). Ground shrimp skewered with sugar cane is good, but I'm a bit too cheap most days to order that except on rare occasions.

small pho tai minus the vegetables

I used to order my pho with raw meat on the side and would still order it that way, but nowadays I'm fine with the meat in the soup. I was so accustomed to ordering it raw in Hawaii that I was dumbfounded when I moved here when the order would come to me wrong. I would ask for no onions or cilantro in my soup, and find them in my meat!!

You know, if I don't want it at all in my soup, what makes you think I want it stuck on my meat?!? A little common sense, please?!

So to take the lesser of two, I just ask for no veggies in my soup and leave it at that.

small pho tai and our dirty dishes

Superior Pho is our go-to place mainly for the price and meat. The flavor of the broth at both restaurants is different, and I thoroughly enjoy both so the two are tied. I prefer really thinly sliced meat, so Superior wins out on that. Their meat is literally paper thin.

Superior also has bahn mi. Because it has onions, hoisin, and cilantro, I don't even bother ordering it. It's not worth it for's all Bug's.

Bug also enjoys the rare meat dishes at both places. I've noticed him ordering it more often at Superior. It must taste better. I don't really know the difference. When meat has been mixed with cilantro and onions, that is all I taste. Bleah! Despite the bleah, the addition of squeezed citrus is actually quite refreshing.

With the weather changes, we'll probably pop in to eat pho more often than once a week. It's the best way we can think of to clear our sinuses and to battle colds.

- Cassaendra

#1 Pho
3120 Superior Ave E
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 781-1176

Superior Pho
3030 Superior Ave E
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 781-7462

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