Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Serenity Now!

Sarah, John, Cameron
(Image taken from IMDB)

No, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" wasn't that bad. I quite enjoyed it. I certainly hope the series goes somewhere instead of pew pew, "come with me if you want to live," pew pew, run, time machine, pew pew.

From what I've read, the series takes off after "Terminator 2," and pretty much writes off the "Terminator 3" storyline. I'm not a Terminator universe purist and the last time I saw "Terminator 2" was when it came out in the theater in 1991. I adored "The Terminator" (1984) when it came out. Michael Biehn, ooh lala! For me, as long as the show is engaging, I really don't care whether Sarah Connor should or shouldn't have clear nails, wear blue shoes with white pants, etc.

The women characters, Sarah and Cameron, seemed a little weak; Cameron being the weaker of the two. The acting is not convincing enough yet. There aren't very many tv series that start out strong anyway. "Babylon 5" was an excellent tv series that started off a bit washed and then tightened up extremely well until the very last episode in its 5 year arc...which brings me to another thought. I hope that this series has a story arc so there is a direction - a beginning, middle, and an end - instead of being an action version of "insert soap opera here."

What amazes me about the show thus far is, despite my stable employment in a decent paying job, I still can't afford to get a house, yet they seem to. Granted, they have "funds" but even then...

- Cassaendra

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