Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bad News Bear

Yes, I was the secret reason why UH lost against UGa at the Sugar Bowl on New Year's Day. I was waiting for the fire to cool down before making this startling admission.

I cursed the team by watching a few minutes of the first quarter on tv. I was impressed that it was a close game near the end of the first quarter with UGa ranked #4 or 5 (not sure why I heard different ranks on the same day - different ranking system?) and UH ranked #10. After the first quarter, I have no idea what happened, as the game blaring in the background became fused with the rest of the ambient noise. The tv is in the living room and my computer, where I was sitting, is in another room. My back faces the living room when I sit at the computer.

The same thing happened last year with the Browns and the Indians. I rarely watch tv, let alone watch sports on tv. When I do, the teams lose the game each and every time. Looks like I start the New Year with the same curse as last year! =)

- Cassaendra

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