Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Night in Hakata

Just another night in Hakata near the train station.

Hakata Train Station Boots

Department stores have oodles of restaurants. Train stations have a plethora of food options. The Hakata station has a couple of large department stores attached to the train station. The food options are mind boggling.

I can't wait to try Pietro (left) some time when I visit Hawaii. The udon restaurant to the right was mediocre. My father's udon was oooverdone. How does one overcook udon other than on purpose? Fortunately, I ordered ebi tendon (shrimp tempura over rice).

Hakata Train Station

We ran into family and had an after dinner snack at one of the basement department store - train station restaurants. I was still full so I ordered a small bowl of mentaiko (spiced cod roe), famous throughout Japan. At the table, one can have takana, spicy shoyu-pickled mustard greens, a regional condiment, at your hearts content. With the salty roe and salty salty takana, the large mound of rice and tea were appreciated.

Hakata Eki Mentaiko Rice

For an after after dinner snack, we headed upstairs to one of several department stores buzzing with activity even though it was later in the evening. How could anyone ignore this dessert case at Fugetsu?

Fugetsu Display Case
Dessert case

Chestnuts are one of my favorite Japanese dessert ingredients. How could I pass up pureed chestnuts, chopped chestnuts, and a whole chestnut (inside), in a chocolate cup?

Fugetsu Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc

I didn't.

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Mrs. L 01 October, 2013 00:20  

I still kick myself for not trying the fresh roasted chestnuts that many stands were selling when I was in Japan (see I keep finding reasons to go back!)

Cassaendra 09 October, 2013 23:10  

Heya Mrs. L-

I miss eating these weekly in Hawaii. Shirokiya (you'd love this store, a former large Japanese department store, now with only a pared down shop in Hawaii) had these available daily. Yum! Super hot, smoky, nutty, and sweet.

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