Friday, November 2, 2012

Canal City

Canal City in Hakata, Fukuoka is like nothing I've seen before as far as shopping malls go. Granted, I passed up going to Mall of America in Minnesota a few years after it opened so I haven't experienced the, then, largest mall in the world. I have been to Vegas. Also, as a foreigner, if you show your passport, you're able to receive discounts in a number of stores.

Canal City Interior
Canal City

With 6 levels of shopping (2.5 million sq ft), there really is something for everyone...unless you're into trolls hanging upside down from the ceiling serving pastries. Then again, there's a Moomin bakery and store here. (Moomin is huge in Japan but relatively unknown in the US) The mall is located in what seems like the heart of the city, within walking distance from the entertainment district, a major railway terminal (Hakata Station) with 16 railway and 2 subway platforms.

Canal City Ten Chocolat
Ten (chocolatier)

All manners of restaurants, clothing, desserts, electronics, kiddie and more grown up toys, cinema, books, jewelry, art, sports, shoes, relaxation therapy, and so on from high end to bargains are available. Uniqlo has quite a visible presence on 3 floors.

Canal City Uniqlo

Spiral Girl had a lot of fun looking clothes, but made for young, thin Japanese (that was redundant, wasn't it?) women. Fall is definitely the best time of year to go window shopping - cool light coats, fun styles since it's cool enough to play, and beautiful shades of subdued hues.

Canal City Spiral Girl
Spiral Girl

Along the perimeter of the mall, there was a smoking tent so cigarette smokers can stand under the protection of a tent to smoke. That's pretty nice of the mall to offer this since I wouldn't have thought to and don't see these at all in the US. It's far enough away from the door so you don't drag that smoke into the mall area.

Canal City Smoking
Smoking tent

There's even a Taito arcade near Capsule Toys (later post). We just took a quick peep, but didn't really stop in - too busy trying to get our ramen dinner.

Canal City Taito Station
Taito Station

Between Taito Station and Capsule Toys, this would make any 30 something fanguy or gal a poor person.

Canal City TV Screens
TV party

Had I known there as a Rockport store at Canal City, I would have bought a pair of shoes since we no longer have a standalone store in the region. We have access to a few Rockport shoe styles through Macy's and Lucky shoes, but I'm really not exaggerating when I say a few, at least for women.

- Cassaendra

Canal City
Hakata, Fukuoka

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