Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Chirashi

'Twas a parcel that arrived from Michael,
A bounty collected whilst Foraging Seattle.

I tore open the package with much exuberance, much glee,
Amongst the booty, a packet of chirashi mix bundled in three.

"What is chirashizushi?" Bug inquired,
I explained, "sushi where deft fingers are not required."
Hot rice mixed with vinegar and mirin are laid out,
Colorful ingredients like egg, roe, and vegetables are scattered about.

A ripple of recognition spread across his face,
He exclaimed, "I'd really like some, post haste!"

Chirashi Package
Chirashi mix

The directions were in Japanese,
I was washed with a wave of unease.
Not one to waste time, I rinsed some white rice,
Then placed the pot in the rice cooking device.

While the rice was steaming, we walked Akemi,
Bumbling about in the snow like Fargo's Buscemi.
She leaped in the snow, and ran in circles for a bit,
Shivering in the arctic winds, we waited for her to take

When we finally made it back to our abode,
The rice cooker was already in "warm" mode.

The mix consisted of some Japanese staples - shiitake and bonito,
Also included were carrots, lotus, kampyo (gourd), and takenoko (bamboo shoots).
Steeped in vinegar, mirin, and shoyu (soy sauce),
The combination may sound strange, but the flavor'll grow on you.

Two steaming bowls of rice were incorporated with the mix.
Appearing watery, I added two more bowls to fix.

Mix mixed with rice

The egg was beaten with a generous pinch of shichimi then fried,
Sliced into strips, they were set aside.

Next, a slice of Spam was chopped into sticks,
Fried 'til crisp, for 5 to 7 minutes.

Chirashi Egg Spam
Spam n eggs

A rehydrated shiitake was squeezed, its juices drained,
Chopped in thin strips, with the crepe they remained.

Chirashi Egg Shiitake1
Shroom n eggs

Atop the colorful and piquant mound,
Crunchy furikake, 'twas crowned.

Chirashi Plus1

The crispy Spam was not forgotten,
Injecting salt and fat to the dish, I know I oughtn't.

Dusted with furikake and droplets of sesame oil,
The Spam was flanked by a bead of sriracha and a Kewpie mayo coil.

Chirashi Spam
Spam + Kewpie + Sriracha = Yum

Preparing this dish was quick and a delight,
Happy chirashi to all, and to all a good bite.

- Cassaendra

4 deep thoughts:

rice cooker 26 December, 2010 18:14  

Nice work on the Chirashi and the poem. Both were excellent, although I'll take the chirashi since I can eat it!

Cassaendra 27 December, 2010 19:02  

Hi Rice Cooker!

Thank you for stopping by. I like your site. I didn't expect you to like rice. ;)

Congrats on your Zojirushi!

Michael 22 January, 2011 15:14  

Is made from rice that's not so mushy
Toppings and sprinklings scattered about
A taste explosion when it hits your mouth

Sushi is not only pinched or rolled
Once you've had chirashi, you'll be completely sold
Spam is your addition
Which you were soooooo happy to mention

What a funny Christmas ode
You cleverness has us all sold
I love your pictures, stories and food
A job well done, never saying anything rude

Keep it coming for years to come
Travels, food and puppies, and then some
I'll keep reading and looking
For interesting pictures and lots more cooking.

Cassaendra 24 January, 2011 19:56  

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the lyrical response and the chirashi mix! :D

Happy New Year!

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