Sunday, August 22, 2010

We All Gotta Duck

Taking a breather from our morning stroll with Akemi, we stopped at the corner coffee shop to enjoy a drink and share a bite to eat. Seated outside amongst the animated chatter of the other patrons also savoring the cool morning breeze, three tow trucks suddenly appeared before us.

The sidewalk briefly fell silent with the exception of the distant murmur of a female automaton warning, "Caution, bus turning. Pedestrians, look both ways."

Six men quickly jumped out, maneuvering about the two parked targets, deftly mounting and securing the vehicles to their trucks as if performing a special ops mission.

My warm Swiss cheese and fresh young spinach filled croissant was washed down with a smooth, iced blend of cappuccino and espresso.

Bug gulped the last of his hot coffee as I dusted the buttery remnants from my shirt. Just as I stood to ferry our glass, platter, and mug indoor, the two trucks pulled away with their prizes. The third truck followed soon after, and the paused laughter and chatter resumed.

The Circle Jerks with clips from the movie, Repo Man

- Cassaendra

2 deep thoughts:

Michael 22 August, 2010 20:19  


I guess entertainment was on the house that morning.

Its good to see you back.

Cassaendra 24 August, 2010 12:53  

Hi Michael,

Thanks! :)

We were surprised that they didn't have to locate the owner of the vehicles...

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