Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Day After

Bug and I are suffering from post Air Show sunburns, having been out in the sun sitting on a cement air strip for 8 hours straight without sunblock, despite hourly chimes of going to the DrugMart tent to get sunblock and to reapply them every couple of hours.

The announcer's segues from information on the jets to sponsor advertisements always made me laugh. It reminded me of watching University of Hawaii baseball games on tv.

Please look to your left where the Hornet will be doing an 8 point hesitation roll at center point ... where he'll land at Cleveland International Airport. What a beautiful day it is for an air show (it honestly was - there was not a cloud in the sky...just BLUE) make sure you put on sun block every two hours because it disappears, so don't forget to visit the Discount DrugMart tent where they "save you the runaround, you'll find everything you need."

On a similar vein, I thought the US Army's Golden Knights motto was a little cheesy, but I probably would have done exactly the same with "may your (k)nights be golden." We saw the Black Team. It was pretty awesome and must be a great recruitment tool. I wanted to be up there!

Oh, another thing I learned at the air show was that jet "dedications" means cover your ears because they're going to kick that afterburner right in front of you in about 3 seconds.

My eyes won't stop tearing and they're almost swollen shut. There's a slight discomfort on my left forearm and the top of my left thigh, and my face feels tight. Not a big loss since I don't smile anyway. The burns that I have aren't traumatic compared to Bug's since I'm brown, so I didn't get zinged quite as badly as him. He keeps waking up every few hours from the constant pain. He's pretty miserable.


- Cassaendra

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